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“Made” suite contains all the modules created by Matematici, that are fully integrables.

made ticket

Made Ticket is a SIAE certified, flexible, extendable, integrable and all-purpose platform for the management of almost any kind of entertainment-related activities and services: Theatres, Concerts, Museums, Exhibitions, Events and any type of happening regulated by tickets’ emission. 
Made Ticket allows the issuance of all types of tickets and combos, and the creation of all types of season tickets, formulated by date, seat or sector, with fixed or open dates, always guaranteeing maximum flexibility and ease of use for operators and final customers operations: purchasing, renewal and even deferred payment.
Made Ticket allows for real-time interaction with tourism operators, incoming agencies, group offices and hotel facilities.
Made Ticket handles all kind of subsidiary services: Check-In and Access Management, accounting and taxation, calculation of SIAE rights.

Made Ticket was developed with the funding contributions by the regional innovation agency, Lazioinnova.


  • Ticketing
  • Subscriptions
  • SIAE rights calculation
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Access control and Check-In

made Park

Made Park is the platform addressed to cultural, entertainment centers and especially marine, mechanical and theme parks.
The software, created and developed by Matematici, is now considered an essential resource for international amusement parks who choose to rely on Made for its capabilities of integration with other systems and its ease of management and use.
Made Park is suitable for integration with almost any other software on the market. It already has an interface for the most popular ticket software. Other interfaces can be created upon customer request.

Made Park was created to meet specific needs of the customer target:

  • Seasonality
  • High number of visitors
  • Sale of combos
  • Date based pricing
  • Group size
  • Special events
  • B2B agreements

made erp

Made ERP is the software created for management, invoicing, warehouse and accounting

  • Registries management
  • Billing management
  • Order management
  • Returns management
  • Warehouse management
  • General accounting
  • Industrial accounting
  • Tax prints
  • Timetable
  • Aging of credits and debts

made Fashon

Made Fashon is an extension of Made ERP for the management of dress sizes and colors

  • Size and color management
  • Season management
  • Management of sales agents
  • Picking list management
  • Placing orders in offline mode for agents


made Gates

Made Gates is the Access Control Software

  • API for reading heads interface
  • Company management
  • recurring visitors
  • occasional visitors
  • multi-site
  • multi access

made Planner

Made Planner is dedicated to  resources management and planning

  • Project planning
  • Template management
  • Resource management
  • Timing diagram

made Telemarketing

Made Telemarketing supports telemarketing operations

  • Operators management
  • Call lists for operators
  • Conversation log
  • Automatic management of reminders



Front End e Back Office

act in sinergy through the platform database.

All Back Office features are available directly through the suite client application. The client application can be used by Microsoft Windows PC, it can be easily installed from the web and is automatically updated when new releases are issued.